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Our Story

Mostly people on this earth want longevity because it is considered as a boon. Longevity completely depends on our diet and lifestyle. There are some countries in the world where life expectancy is higher than others. If we are talking about longevity, then Japan tops the list. Japanese have healthiest and longest lifespans in the world. It is not only because of genes but their diet and lifestyle. Japanese have many secrets to live a healthy and long life. We have discovered the secret from their way of living which we can also adapt to live a long life.

Do you know about the tea drinking culture of Japan? In Traditional Japanese culture, Matcha tea ceremony is held. Consumption of Japanese Matcha tea is an essential part of the Japanese lifestyle. Japanese love to drink green tea. Matcha tea is a powdered tea which is full of antioxidants and that’s the secret of the longest lifespans of Japanese. A cup of Matcha tea has three times more antioxidants in comparison to regular green tea. Match tea helps in improving the mental focus and mood too. Earlier, Japanese monks used Matcha tea for their meditation practice which helped them to sit calm and alert for hours. Japanese are enjoying the benefits of Matcha green tea for a long time. It's time for us to enjoy its benefits too. We Indians should also include Matcha green tea in our diet to live a healthy life.

Matcha tea company is researching on Japanese Matcha tea from past two years. And now, sourcing the best Matcha Tea for you. We areoffering Matcha tea in many flavors which can bring numerous health benefits to your body. Japanese Matcha tea can be a great morning drink to kick start your day with lots of energy.We are committed to deliver the best organic Matcha tea for our clients.