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Why Matcha is Good for Weight Loss?

Matcha green tea has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Although, Buddhist and Japanese monks are consuming this drink from many years. Matcha green tea is considered very beneficial for our body and is healthier than other green teas. It is famous for the anti-oxidizing properties present in it. Matcha green tea also boosts the energy level and helpful in weight loss. So if you also want to loose some weight, try Matcha green tea and wait for the magical results.

There are multiple reasons that why you should choose Matcha green tea for weight loss, some of them are given below.

  1. Increases metabolism and thermogenesis : The process in which the body burns fat is called thermogenesis. Matcha green tea is very useful for weight loss as it has essential chemicals to start the process of thermogenesis. It converts all the white fat into the brown fat and brown fat is said to burn calories in a much faster way. With these actions, metabolic rate of body is increased. In this way, you can get rid of your fat by drinking Matcha green tea without any physical activities.


  1. Fat Blocker : No matter how hard you try, you cannot avoid extra calories in your diet everyday. Chemicals present in Matcha green tea which are called polyphenols, do not let your body to absorb fat. If you are taking heavy meals daily, then Matcha green tea can be extremely helpful to you in burning fat.


  1. Keeps you satisfy whole day : Matcha green tea helps to curb binge eating and cravings which is highly useful for weight loss. A compound called EGCG (Epigallocatechingallate) is present in Matcha tea with the properties of weight loss. This tea is very low in calories because it contains dietary fiber. It also takes care that you don’t loose essential nutrients while burning fat.

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