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Why Matcha is Better than the other tea leaf?

Every day a number of tea companies are stepping in to the market of tea and Advertising their products. But the people are still unaware of the fact that the minerals and Antioxidants are majorly present in the leave of the tea. Very few people know about the fact that to consume the entire leave give you the advantage of green tea in actual. But that doesn’t mean that to start eating tea leaves. There is a simple way also, just by enjoying a bowl of Matcha. Because it is a straight string on ground tea leaves which provide you the vitamins, Amino acid‘s, antioxidants, minerals in a way no other green tea can.
Another unknown factor that people are not aware of, to match the potential of a single serving of Matcha. One should take 10 cups of brewed green tea. 


The green tea catechin which is important for anti-cancer diets:

A unique antioxidant is known as catechins EGCg Which have cancer-fighting properties contained by Macha tea which is a unique and potent class of antioxidant. Most of the catechins in this tea are EGCg. So a daily cup of matcha tea helps to recover and preserve integral of the body in the well being and balanced way.

How the amino acid helps me to concentrate and focus?

Matcha Green tea is rich in L-theanine, which is a rare amino acid that promotes the relaxation and well-being of the body by acting on brain functioning. As most of the people know that theanine is the most common acid in common black and green teas, But Macha contains the content five times more than the normal teas. So people should have known to the facts of matcha tea and start having it at least once in a day.

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