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An amazing secret ingredient for Vegans

Hey all you vegans out there? Are you tired of not getting enough options? If something is healthy its not tasty? If something is tasty its not healthy? Or if it’s both but simply not vegan? We have a secret ingredient to vastly reduce your everyday struggle. It’s Matcha Green Tea.

What is Matcha Green Tea?

Matcha is a special type of green tea powder. In simple tern it is a much more refined version of green tea. It is produced from Camellia synesis plant. The same species of plant is also used for producing white, black and green tea. Matcha has a beautiful bright green color. It has a silky texture. So Matcha is a good looking along with all other benefits that it provides.

Health benefits of Matcha Green Tea

Matcha is known to be rich in Vitamins and Minerals. They also offer high quantity of antioxidants. Which is turn help you to shield against cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and tons of other diseases. Its also helps to slow down the aging process. You can easily say that Match is ten times better than normal green tea. It boosts your energy levels. People also consume it to increase their focus incredibly.



Well you usually come across a number of vegan products that are claimed to be tasty. But, are they? Matcha though is a whole other ball game. A good quality Matcha is sweet and smells very well. Its is used to flavouring all around the world.


How to consume?

So, its tasty and healthy, now do you consume it? Well first and foremost, Matcha is used in teas, you can make it using your favourite plant-based milks. We love making it in a mixture of almond and cashew milk. You can also go for for making vibrant green coloured delicious smoothies. Adding it in your soup with a piece or two of tofu gives something to your tongue that is literally inexpressible.

If you want something to eat, you can bake up some donuts or cheesecakes with Matcha added on them. If you want to consume something energy filled on your way to work, coconut coated with match wrapped around chocolate balls produce such delicious energy balls. If you like to have guilt free ice creams, do not look father than chocolate enrobed in Matcha.

So, the next time people have lame excuses about not being a vegan one of the things you can do is introduce them to the magic or Matcha.

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