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A Perfect Guide for Choosing the Best Matcha Green Tea

You might have heard of Matcha green tea. It has gained popularity in past few years in both Asia and West. Matcha green tea has hundreds of different matcha tea powders. To find a matcha tea, high in quality and great taste can be confusing between so many brands. But this article is there to help out in choosing the finest organic matcha tea. This guide will help you source the best matcha tea which has an affordable price, which is most preferred and are having the best health benefits and thus assist you in finding the best matcha which suits your needs.

Matcha Green Tea

Why should you drink Matcha tea?  

Matcha green tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant which has different grown differently and has a unique nutrient profile. Matcha Tea is high in antioxidants which stabilize harmful free radicals. Free radicals can damage cells and cause chronic disease. Matcha green tea protects the liver, boost brain function, helps prevent cancer, protects the heart and increases metabolism which helps to reduce weight.(See - Why Matcha is Good for Weight Loss?) Matcha green tea is easy to prepare and is delicious in taste.

How delicious is Matcha tea?

Describing the taste of Matcha tea will not do proper justice to the exquisite tea. Matcha tea has a complex, aromatic, rich taste and leaves an alluring sweetness at the end. Matcha tea due to high chlorophyll and amino acid content has a unique vegetal and lingering sweet aftertaste. Matcha’s taste’s intensity can be compared to the first taste of red wine or dark chocolate, it's difficult to explain, but at the same time,  it's addicting and only low-quality matcha has a strongly bitter and astringent flavour.

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When and How is Matcha tea grown?

Matcha tea is made from shade-grown leaves. Matcha’s preparation starts several weeks before harvest and may last up to 20 days when the tea bushes are covered to prevent direct sunlight. This slows down growth, stimulates an increase in chlorophyll levels, turn the leaves a darker shade of green, and causes the production of amino acids. Only the finest tea buds are hand-picked. After harvesting, If the leaves are laid out flat to dry, however, they will crumble somewhat and become known as tencha. Then, tencha may be de-veined, de-stemmed, and stone-ground to the fine, bright green, talc-like powder known as matcha.

Matcha is a powdered tea

Matcha is a premium Japanese green tea powder used for drinking as tea or as an ingredient in various recipes. While other green teas are grown throughout the world, Japanese matcha tea is unique to Japan. It is the heart of the Japanese way of tea and has been celebrated in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony for hundreds of years.

The colour of Matcha:

When it comes about colour Matcha has a vibrant green colour. Matcha is shade grown in this way the tea leaves are forced to overproduce chlorophyll that gives matcha a nice bright green colour. Lower quality matcha is not properly shaded and thus the colour may yellowish or brownish in hue.

Grades of Matcha:

Matcha has been in the discussion of whether it has two or three grades. Earlier, there were basically two grades ceremonial and everything else. Some traditionalists recognize three different grades ceremony grade matcha tea, cooking grade and in-between known as premium or select.

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