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Kashmiri Kahwa

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Love this tea
Fast shipping and great customer service. I’ve tried green tea before, but didn’t like the bitter taste. This is a good strong matcha tea. 

Himanshi Yadav

More health benefits per cup
I'll be the first to admit I am NO matcha tea expert. However, I do enjoy this tea a lot. It has a very green, planty taste kind of. It is a lot stronger than something like generic green tea bags from different brands I have tried


Nice smooth, silky taste
I was very excited to try Matcha Green Tea and wasn’t disappointed when the package of goodness arrived. Very, very delicious. Nice smooth, silky taste. Dissolves very easily with the hot water.

Deepak Sharma

I LOVE this matcha
I LOVE this matcha. I've tried the real Japanese matcha before (it was quite expensive) so I know the basic qualities of matcha powder.

simran kakkar

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